segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

Where could I find happyness?

Well , I've having much time for thinking , thinking of me , I've became selfish .All I do is look for someone who'd make ME happy . This one can be everywhere , every corner .I'm really scared with all this anguish, this desire of crying and the because for this all not appear . And even when I'm among s many people it's not difficult to say that I lonly . Why is this happening to me righ now? Why it does not pass? I know it won't last forever , but for while it's enough for me . And that's all . I'm only 15 and all I do is try to live like my obligations were more then they are, like if I needed to resolve everything in the time I want . I'm only 15 , I don't want to be older ,but being a teenager it's coming day by day harder . And all I wanted was an answer for all that in minutes just come NOTHING.

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