domingo, 16 de junho de 2013

Here is an outflow

And I don't know if John Mayer actually rocks or if I only like'm because of you.
And I don't even know if you like woman.
Also don't know how the hell you "kinda" like me, I know you like me.
It's awkward to think of us together and even more the idea of us apart.
I blame you for those doubts and forgive you at the same time, deep down I know, the way it is is good for both.
It's better 
Or has to be.
Believe me, it's hard to wake up sometimes with your image popping in my head.
Why can't you get off my head?
Can't you want me the  way I do?
What if it was me sharing that apartment, would it work ? 
Till when?
Till when for you?
Till when for me?
Till when for us?

"I kinda like you too, BT! But you'll never know"

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