domingo, 16 de junho de 2013

I forgot, believe me or not. Just not.

-Sorry for this, thought you were asleep.
-It's ok, but I don't think I can handle it.
-Seriously, I can finish drinking my water somewhere else, forgive me about that, I forget sometimes,I was studying ...
-Don't you say sorry, why do you always get to say you're sorry? For this time, are you?- as he was getting closer, as he made me loose the air, loose my mind.
-I might say I'm not, then sorry for not being sorry.
-Well, I'm not sorry for not forgiving you - as he kissed my neck, messed up my hair, held me tight and made me forget about the rest, it all was happening, nothing as planned. I swear it wasn't.
I remember there was place, there was time, there was love, there was us, there we were ...
Till the morning, till the breakfast, till that shirt, till the shower, till the work, till that call, till our smiles.
Then it was evening.
What to say?
Should I say?
Should I do?
I just shouldn't.

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