quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

Kind of sick of this hole situation of being nice or trying to protect my image.Tired of you all. And you're leck of attitute . I may be alone , for a while, but this while had took to long. I'm not pacient anymore, and anything is satisfying me lately.I can't even know what I'm looking for, while that , I'm going on with this thing that I don1t even kno waht it is , and where it goes . Just can't wait anymore, for this guy with a handsome bady and that's all. Anything is satisfying me anylonger . Anyhow.Anyway.
Just take me some where I could get out of this all.
Come whatever you are and take me , make me safe , make me feel loved again or those stuff.
Stuff, stuff, stuff.
I just need some shot, maybe .
They are all maybes.

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